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Report: As expected, LeBron James declines player option and will become a free agent on July 1

LeBron James will be a free agent again, but he is unlikely to look elsewhere.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

In a move shocking to nobody, LeBron James has decided against invoking his player option for the 2015-2016 season, and will become a free agent. The news was first reported by Brian Windhorst of ESPN and later echoed by others.

There probably isn't much to forecast here. We all knew how the deal was structured, and that this was going to happen.

LeBron is going to go year-to-year opting out and getting raises before the huge salary cap increase that is coming. The "wait and see" approach LeBron will supposedly take might be a means to an end as far as getting Tristan Thompson and maybe even J.R. Smith paid, but I firmly believe that the Cavs built this core last season with every intent of paying to bring them all back.

Much like with Kevin Love, there is probably little reason to think anything other than a return to the Cavaliers for LeBron is in order.