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Report: LeBron James wants Cavs to sign Mike Dunleavy Jr.

It's a long shot, but he'd be a really nice fit

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Dunleavy Jr. earned quite a bit of enmity from Cavs fans in the Cavs-Bulls round two matchup in this year's NBA playoffs. Dunleavy moved around the perimeter, was effective spotting up for three when trailing in transition, and made the Cavs pay a few times.

He's a smart player that can defend a little bit and shoot very well. And it appears as though LeBron James is interested in him being a Cleveland Cavalier. The 13 year vet is 34 years old, but shot 41% from three point range last season in 29 minutes per game. He's still a really nice piece, and he was the key to unlocking a Bulls offense that didn't have a ton of shooting.

It makes sense that the Bulls would want to keep Dunleavy, and they certainly have the advantage here. The Bulls can offer him the full midlevel exception, while the Cavs can offer just the mini-midlevel. In other words, if the Cavs want Dunleavy, you better hope he accepts less money. For the Cavs, their offer can start around $3.3 million.

Another name to keep an out for might be Bismack Biyombo. He's an unrestricted free agent after the Hornets decided not to extend a qualifying offer his way. As a fourth big, you could do much worse.