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Report: Cavs are "very interested" in free agent point guard Mo Williams

The Cavs may not be done with the reunions just yet

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Mo Williams is, and remains, one of the biggest fan favorites of Cleveland Cavaliers fans. Although it wasn't exactly what happened, Williams received much of the credit for his arrival being a big reason the Cavs jumped to 66 wins in 2008-09. He even was selected for an All-Star game. Despite struggles in the playoffs, Williams loved his time in Cleveland, even going so far as to say he considered retirement when LeBron James left.

Well, LeBron James is in Cleveland once again. Could Williams be the next to follow suit and make a return? According to Chris Haynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the answer might be yes:

As we've discussed, the most the Cavs can offer is their mini-midlevel exception which would start at around $3.3 million per season. Williams averaged 29 minutes game last season between Charlotte and Minnesota. He shot 40/34/87 from the field. In Cleveland, he'd be able to spend more time spotting up, so you'd hope those percentages would increase a little bit. The 32 year old still has trouble defending, of course, but this would be a nice backup role for him.