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Year in Review: How did Fear the Sword do?

It was a busy time for the Cavs. For Fear the Sword, too.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It was, in some measurable ways, the most successful season in the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers. They won their first ever NBA Finals games, and have Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and LeBron James locked up long term. Here at Fear the Sword, we underwent some pretty serious changes last summer as well.

Conrad left us, though it's always fun to see him show up in the comments. When I took over in late June of 2014, I knew the team had the opportunity to add another 1st overall pick to the fold. I didn't quite believe that LeBron James was a certainty. We kept some old faces and sprinkled some new ones in. Michael Mayer had been recently brought on by Conrad. Chris Manning and Trevor Magnotti were quick additions. William Bohl and Kendon Luscher a bit later. Ryan Mourton and Justin Rowan stayed on. Boosh did the fun things that Boosh does.

We introduced Eastern Conference Power Rankings, and I think they were pretty successful. I imagine we will keep doing those. I want to keep expanding the reach of our blog; while this is a Cavs community, I'd like to cover more of the league. We do tend to overrate our own players, and we don't like it when we get visitors who don't value our players enough or who overrate their own. That's natural, it's not going to change. But we can educate ourselves better on other teams.

This won't detract from our coverage of the Cavs, of course. I anticipate Fear the Sword being on hand to cover more games live, and we'll continue the tradition of quality content and insight. So the point of the post, to the extent that there is one, is to get feedback from you guys. We will find ways to keep things fresh as we get through the NBA dry period together in August and September, but I want to know:

a) How did we do this year? What can we do better? What did you like? What did you not like?

b) Is there new stuff we can incorporate? Do you see stuff from other SB Nation sites or other sites in general that you like that we should do?

c) What types of things you want me to consider as I look at adding a few new faces to the staff here.

Thanks, and as always, go Cavs.