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Bill Hader and Judd Apatow impressed with LeBron's improv skills

Even though LeBron James was quoted yesterday and saying he's "not that good" in the his Hollywood debut, Trainwreck, his co-star Bill Hader and director Judd Apatow were very impressed with his performance. From

"I went to Second City L.A. to learn how to do improv, and everything it took me two years to figure out, he just inherently knows how to do," Hader said.

Apatow, who directed "Trainwreck," had a more skeptical theory about James' hidden talent.

"I think he is so rich that we don't know that he just gave, like, a million dollars to Dan Aykroyd to secretly train him," Apatow said. "Do you think he did something like that?"

LeBron knows improv both on and off the court.