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Nike creates "Trainwreck" LeBron 12 colorway to pair with Cavs star's movie premiere

I got my hands on a pair, life is good.

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Sometimes this gig has perks.

With LeBron James making his feature film debut in Trainwreck this month, the fine folks at Nike created a unique version of his signature shoe -- the LeBron 12 Low -- which ties different scenes and lines from the movie into the shoe. They were even nice enough to send a pair to me, and they are pure flames.

From the letter included with the shoes:

The shoe’s design was inspired by the film from heel to toe. The right sock liner features an illustration of Bill Hader and Amy Schumer’s on-screen romance, while the left features some words of wisdom from LeBron’s character.

The shoe’s light blue outsole is a nod to the snow-globe collection featured in the film, while the bright colors of the shoe imitate the gold skirt outfit in the opening sequence and blue scrubs from the operation scene. Make sure you check out the film to figure out all the other ways that the shoe references LeBron’s breakthrough performance.
Trainwreck Ledlow
(this image via Kristen Ledlow)
Trainwreck back


You should also check out this clip of LeBron James giving Jimmy Fallon his own pair of the shoe, which includes a good scene from the movie.

Unfortunately only 100 pairs were made, and they're not going to be for sale anywhere. That said, I would look into getting the Low 12's in a different colorway, as they are pretty comfortable. I have the Kyrie 1, and the KD7 elites, the latter of which is my favorite every day shoe, and I actually like the fit of the 12 low a whole lot more than both.

The Kyrie remains the best basketball shoe of the bunch, it's incredibly light, breathes, and is locked on to your foot at all angles, where the hard shell of the KD7 provides a more solid feeling that you would probably enjoy if you were 6'11. The KD also has a softer air pocket under your feet. I (for obvious reasons) haven't gotten on a court with the LeBron 12's, but I'll probably have to buy a different pair to test it out, it feels like a pretty nice fusion of the flexibility of the Kyrie, and the soft air cushion of the KD.

What's your favorite shoe? The new Penny's look great, do you have those? Load up the thread with your hottest purchase or ID creation.