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It looks like the Cleveland Cavaliers will have some new alternative uniforms next year

The Cavs will have some new uniform options next year.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that the Cleveland Cavaliers are adding some new jerseys to their rotation next year.

First pointed out by Adam Lind of the Tidewater News - a newspaper in Virginia Beach - and later explained by Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch, the Cavs' new jerseys were amongst a variety of other leaked jerseys.

As you can see, there are three new Cavs jerseys here. First, there is the 'Pride' jersey, a navy blue jerseys with sleeves (yuck), the Cavs' 'C' logo across the front a number on the left side of the chest. Aside from the number, they look a lot like the 2013 Christmas jerseys. Next there are the 'Stretch" jerseys. The Cavs' variety is a wine and gold jersey with white numbers. The odd thing here is that the other jerseys have cross-culture twist to them, but the Cavs' doesn't seem to, although the picture is blurry.

Lastly, there are the 'Hardwood Classic' jerseys. The Cavs' throwback is a gold jersey with wine and white checkered trim. The Cavs originally wore this jersey from 1974-1981 and last wore them at time during LeBron's stint in Cleveland.

Including the Cavs' home white, away wine, alternate gold and alternate navy, the Cavs now have seven different jersey options. That number jumps to eight when you include the leaked Christmas jerseys for next year. While the 2015-16 schedule has not been released, it's a virtual lock that the Cavs will play on Christmas Day again.