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LeBron James opens up on twitter about Cavs, teammates Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson

LeBron is a man of the people

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Last night LeBron James did an impromptu question and answer session on twitter. While he didn't make any big waves, he did answer questions on a variety of topics, Cavs and otherwise. This is one of the cool and crazy things about twitter. Every once in awhile it allows you to shrink the gap between everyday fans and media and players or celebrities or politicians.

The first question that James fielded was about Tristan Thompson, who has still not come to terms with the Cavs on a new deal:

On the one hand, it's good to see James putting pressure on the organization to spend to win. On the other, maybe he could just give David Griffin a phone call.

James also gave Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love some, well, love. Given murmurs, real and imagined, that James struggled with each of these guys at times this past season, it's pretty cool. I don't know how much it means, but it's still cool:

I know a lot of people are wondering about Space Jam. This is not exactly a denial that James will be involved with Space Jam 2:

But what everyone really wants is to win games. James had some thoughts on that as well:

Training camp is just around the corner, sort of. He'll be able to get back to work soon.