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Fear the Sword welcomes new writers to the fold

FTS continues to grow and change

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As we get into the first real dry period of Cavs news in ... well, years, we at Fear the Sword will work hard to keep you entertained and up to date and get your ready for the new season. Two summers ago, it was Bynum watch. Last summer, we had LeBron-watch, which turned into Kevin Love watch.

This summer, the controversy has been kept to a minimum. We don't even have any real prospects to tear ourselves apart over. Tristan Thompson and Matthew Dellavedova is as crazy as it gets. I sort of welcome the relative calm. The Cavs are good. We know they're good. Just want to get it rolling.

We have a bunch of good ideas for ways to pass the time until camp starts, but the first thing I wanted to do was get the team together moving forward. Patrick Elder, Angelo Benedetti, and Kendon Luscher are all taking a step back, so I wanted to make sure we are fully staffed. I didn't actually even open things up for applications, but people tend to inquire. I think the three new writers we are bringing on will be great.

Without further ado, here they are:

Scott Recker is an alt-weekly editor living in Louisville, although he was born in Ohio and lived there for most of his life. A longtime Cavs fan, you can follow him on Twitter at @scottmrecker.

He's also from Toledo, which makes him my favorite writer on staff now.

Carter is a journalism grad from Ohio University in Athens Ohio. He hails from Columbus, Ohio, but currently works at a digital sports network in Chicago. He is a lifelong Cavs fan and is excited to join the FTS team. You can follow him at Carter_Shade.

Carter continues the tradition of me hiring people who I've wanted to physically fight over Tristan Thompson. In all seriousness, I've met up with Carter in Chicago before and he's way too nice. He's going to be awesome here.

And finally Jack Zink. He's a journalism major at Ohio University, where he has covered mens basketball over the past two years for a university magazine. Also, living in northeast Ohio, he's endured the countless aches and pains of being a Cleveland sports fan for, well, ever.

Jack is good friends with our Chris Manning, and I've enjoyed following him on twitter over the past year. He's going to be good here. You can follow him at jackson_zink.

Give these guys a friendly welcome.