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Kevin Love and Mo Williams both turned to The Players' Tribune to announce their decisions to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers

You can be sure that using Fear the Sword was their backup plan.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like we have some competition for the title of go-to website for Cleveland Cavaliers writing. Kevin Love and Mo Williams both recently turned to The Players' Tribune to give first-person accounts of their respective decisions to sign with the Cavs. For those unfamiliar, The Players' Tribune was launched in 2014 by Derek Jeter as a place for athletes to share their thoughts with fans without any filters.

Love is listed as a senior editor with the site. Back in October, he wrote a piece explaining his thoughts and emotions during the weird offseason that saw him traded from Minnesota to Cleveland. Last week, he announced his decision to re-sign with the Cavs in a short post entitled "Unfinished Business."

Earlier today, upon officially signing his new contract, he posted a video on the site. In it, he talked about his decision to return, his meeting with LeBron James in Los Angeles, and some other things.

He's said all along that he just wants to win, and it is now clear he means it.

Williams, who is listed as a contributor to The Players' Tribune, announced his return to the Cavs in an article entitled "Full Circle." I knew he enjoyed playing here the first time around, but I guess I never realized how much the city actually meant to him:

Cleveland is home. My family's excited to be going back, too. It's rare to get such a good chance to go for a title with such a great organization.

Honestly, I was skeptical of The Players' Tribune when it first launched, but I guess I can see the value in athletes having a platform like this. The one problem I still have is that they don't have a comments section. But I guess that's what we're here for.