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Fear the Sword t-shirts are now 50% off

We have 27 shirts left. Time for a deal.

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When we decided to go ahead with Fear the Sword t-shirts, I don't think any of us really knew what to expect. I was hoping we could move about 100 of them, and we've gone over that and then some. The guys who designed it over at BreakingT shirts contacted me to let me know that they are going to retire the shirt once the supplies run out.

What does that mean for you? As I write this, there are 27 shirts left. I believe there are still some left in every size, but the Mediums are going fast. In order to move them, the price has been cut in half. You can get your soft, high quality FTS shirt for $11 plus shipping. We have received no complaints about the shirts. They're comfortable, they look good, and they helped me spot GodZeller when he visited Cleveland from England before Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Get one of the last Fear the Sword shirts right here. Thank you for being a part of our community.