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LeBron James won't commit to play for Team USA in next summer's Olympics

LeBron attends Team USA mini-camp, but his status is up in the air

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will have the opportunity to try and make history at next summer's Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Both will be attempting to play in the Olympics for Team USA for the fourth time, something no men's basketball athlete has ever done for the United States. Should James want to play, he will have a roster spot. Anthony has long been a valuable member of Team USA as a small-ball four, scorer, and facilitator. Whatever you think of his NBA game (I'm a fan), he's been huge for the United States in international play. He's likely to make the team as well.

But LeBron might not actually be interested. The toll on his body from five straight trips to the NBA Finals is well documented.

I think he really wants to play. Chris Paul and Anthony seem committed, and those are two of his closest friends in the league. He is the clear leader of the team, and the elder statesman already. Winning two gold medals has been important for him, and anyone would want a shot at three. There's also a camaraderie among the team that he has both helped to build and would not want to miss out on.

I also would like him to play. I'm a civic-minded American that loves basketball and enjoy seeing Team USA beat up on other countries on the court. He would help. With Spain aging a bit, the US will be heavy favorites in Rio. James might know that and decide he isn't needed. Ultimately, you want him healthy and rested for the start of the NBA season, but gold medals are fun too. We will see.