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Resolutions for the 2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers season

The 2015-16 season is fast approaching. What can Cavs fans resolve to do to better enjoy the year?

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The NBA season is slowly approaching, and Court Zierk from compiled a list of resolutions to help him become a better fan and student of the NBA.

He's onto something here. Both consciously and unconsciously develop habits and mindsets that affect the way we process the league, and some of those can be damaging. I, like him, can get in the way of my own enjoyment of the sport I consume more than any other.

Familiarity breeds contempt, and watching 60-70 Cavaliers regular season games with a critical eye each season can lead to some unhealthy frustrations.

So, in honor of what should be an incredibly successful 2015-16 season, I've got a few resolutions of my own.

1) Stop worrying so much about Kevin Love

Kevin Love occupied roughly 65 percent of all of my Cavaliers-based thoughts last season. I wanted him to be happy, I wanted him to get to play in the high post, I wanted his back to work properly and so on and so forth.

My fixation on Love's success and fit progressed to the point that a similarly-minded good friend of mine asked whether I'd rather have a 100 percent guarantee that Love would score 50 points in a game this season or a 100 percent guarantee that the Cavs would make the Finals. We both had to ponder the question way longer than we reasonably should have.

Love is here for the next five years, barring something unexpected. He's unbelievably talented, and the Cavaliers killed teams when he was on the floor. It's all going to be fine, and there's no looming clock hanging over the coaching staff's head. The Cavaliers will have time to figure out how to perfectly integrate Love onto an already killer offense. Maybe, after three or four years, he might start actually fitting in (I'm sorry.)

2) Be nicer to LeBron James

I was so hard on LeBron all season. Maybe it's lingering resentment from when he hurt my feelings when I was in high school, but I didn't do a great job of appreciating LBJ over the course of the 2014-15 season. He didn't help matters by starting off the season flat (and, to be fair, banged up) but I wasn't as interested in giving him the benefit of the doubt as I was to Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love.

After seeing Corporate Death Machine LeBron® in Miami, I think I was expecting a him to return to the Cavaliers and play flawless basketball, take no plays off and never, ever let somebody score on him. That was pretty unfair, but it's what I expected of him. As a result, any lazy closeout, careless pass or fadeaway midrange jumper caused immediate frustration.

Honestly, it wasn't until the Finals that I began to really appreciate LeBron again. I'm not wasting a whole season this year.

3) Travel abroad for at least one semest-

Oh, crap. Mind wandered off for a bit, and I forgot that this was a Cavaliers resolutions post, not a New Years post for a BuzzFeed article.

3) Don't stress about the starters

One of the best things about this Cavaliers roster heading into the 2015-16 season is that they have a bevy of options in regards to the lineups they can put on the floor. What I refuse to get worked up over is which one of those lineups starts the game.

This Cavaliers team is going to play all sorts of five-man units in a thousand different combinations over the course of the year, and through that process will yield productive and unproductive lineups. The ones that don't work will be (ideally) phased out, and whether it's the beginning, end or middle of the game, the ones that play the best will get the most run.

I don't need to care about whether Iman Shumpert or J.R. Smith is standing on the court on the opening tip off. They'll both get plenty of chances.

4) Log off Twitter after a bad loss

I'm not here to tell you how to live your life, but I think a lot of us could subscribe to this one. Misery loves company, and a particularly brutal or disheartening loss, social media is the worst place in the world to go. It's a pit of vipers with sad fans sniping at one another or dramatically commiserating over what clearly is a lost season.

It's not healthy, and the next day when the Cavaliers snag a big win, it feels ultimately pretty silly. We watch this sport to have fun, so I should probably stop partaking in the parts that make it not so fun.

5) Appreciate What Anderson Varejao has left to give

Anderson Varejao tore his achilles last season, and the track record for people returning from that injury, particularly over the age of 30, is not exactly stellar. He already had taken a pretty significant step back last season, with lineup numbers that were pretty brutal across the board.

That said, Varejao was one of my first favorites, and if he can stay on the court, he might still be able to help this Cavs team in spot minutes. He's been an absolutely stellar citizen for the last several years, and I resolve to focus on the things he can still do well rather than focusing on his albatross of a deal and declining play.

LeBron still loves him on the court, and watching them work the pick and roll in spot minutes should be a treat. It'll be nice to have him back on the court.

6) Work up a healthy disdain for the Washington Wizards

I'm new here at Fear the Sword, but this seems to be a requirement. I'm on board.