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Cavaliers make it a goal to reduce wear on LeBron James and Kyrie Irving

Injuries played a big role in the Cleveland Cavaliers' 2015 postseason, taking shape in both the uncontrollable (Kevin Love) and more controllable (Kyrie Irving) forms. Again with their eye firmly placed on an NBA title, the Cavs are concerning themselves with what they can control for 2015-16. From Terry Pluto at The Plain Dealer:

One of the team's regular-season goals is to cut down the minutes for LeBron James. They did that in 2014-15, with his 36.1 average the lowest of his career. He also played 69 games, his fewest in an 82-game season.

But he was No. 5 in average minutes played during the regular season. Here are top five:

  1. Jimmy Butler (Chicago) 38.7.
  2. James Harden (Houston) 36.8
  3. Kyrie Irving (Cavs) 36.4.
  4. Andrew Wiggins (Minnesota) 36.2.
  5. James, 36.1.

James averaged 42.2 minutes per playoff game, with 844 total minutes the most in the league. He begins his 13th season needing to play fewer regular-season games and minutes. Smith can make that happen. He is capable of playing small forward and shooting guard, as is Jefferson.

The Cavs also want to cut Irving's minutes. Mo Williams was signed to help out at point guard. Irving is coming off surgery for a fractured knee cap, so it makes sense to keep his workload light in the regular season.

Do you all think the Cavs will be in a good position to keep LBJ and Kyrie rested next year?