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Kyrie Irving's new shoe color is a nod to his Australian roots with green and gold

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Kyrie Irving's signature Nike shoe, the Kyrie 1, is being released today in a brand new color scheme that recognizes the Australian facet of Kyrie's dual citizenship. Here's the story from

Kyrie Irving wasn't born in the United States. He was born in Australia. When his dad was playing professionally in the land down under in 1992, Kyrie was born, giving him dual citizenship between the U.S. and Australia. Nike has played on that tie to Australia with the new Kyrie 1 colorway releasing on Aug. 26 that features teal, radiant emerald, metallic red bronze and green strike, a lively combination that fits within the colorways we've already seen from the Kyrie 1 and serve to accentuate the distinct features of the shoe's original styling.

I think these are pretty awesome, and they also play into my belief that the 90's are back in style. This is what immediately popped into my mind when I saw these shoes. It's quite fitting because Rocko's Modern Life is about an anthropomorphic wallaby who's an Australian immigrant.