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Kyrie Irving: 'I'm feeling great'

Speaking at LeBron James' workouts in Miami, Kyrie Irving says he's feeling great.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Along with teammates not named Tristan Thompson, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving is currently in Miami participating in workouts organized by LeBron James. In Miami, Irving spoke to the media and gave a vague update on his health as he recovers from the fracture kneecap he suffered in the NBA Finals.

Via the Associated Press:

"I'm feeling great," Irving said from Miami, where he has been working out. "I'm taking my time with it. Obviously, it was a terrible injury but thank God I had the summer to start rehabbing and I'm definitely progressing in the right way. Whatever my timeline is, it'll be for the betterment of the team and for us to also compete for a world championship at the end of the season."
Irving hasn't revealed exactly what he's physically able to do right now.
"We're going to keep most of the things in house as far as what's going on," he said.

Where exactly Irving is at in his recovery is unknown. There was a report that Irving might be out until Januarywhich would suck. The general expectation, though, is that Irving will be back well before the new year.

With media day just 10 days away, we may get more specifics about Irving's ongoing recovery once Irving is back in Cleveland and training camp opens.