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Complete list of LeBron James' greatest moments

All eight of LeBron's greatest moments in one spot.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

You voted and we wrote. Thanks again to everyone that voted and helped us narrow down the list of LeBron James' greatest moments as a Cavalier.

In case you may have missed one, or just simply want to read another one over again, here is the complete list, with links to each post.

No. 1 - The King ascends in the Palace of Auburn Hills by Chris Manning

No. 2 - The night LeBron put the world on his shoulders by Ryan Mourton

No. 3 - The King's best game-winner ever by Trevor Magnotti

No. 4  - LeBron exhausts himself against the Hawks by Mike Mayer

No. 5 - The heat check, revolutionized by Jack Zink

No. 6 - LeBron James puts the NBA on notice by David Zavac

No. 7 - A look at LeBron's most over-looked performance of his career by Jack Zink

No. 8 - LeBron James returns home and lets loose like it's 2003 by Aaron Perine

Does this list accurately describe LeBron's best moments as a Cavalier? What would be your order? Comment below with your thoughts on the list.