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What you need to know for the Cavs media day

The season is almost here

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

We are less than month from the tip-off of the Cleveland Cavaliers 2015-16 season, and that means it's time to start getting ready for the season. We've tried to keep you updated as much as possible during the offseason, but tomorrow is the time for head coach David Blatt and the Cavs' players to give you their their interpretations of where they and the team stand. It's media day, and Fear the Sword has you covered.

Who? The Cleveland Cavaliers

When? 1:00 ET

Where? The Cleveland Clinic Practice Courts in Independence, Ohio

Why? How else will we hear that power forwards and centers have added jump shots or that guards are in the best shape of their lives?

But in all seriousness, there are some questions that the Cavs will start to answer as early as tomorrow. Here's your primer.

Tristan Thompson will not be there, and it will be awkward

Unless he signs between now and tomorrow at 1:00 ET. Even if he does, he still might not be there. In the meantime, David Blatt and LeBron James are certain to field questions on Thompson's status. Maybe Kyrie Irving will make some news in answering a question about Thompson. Thompson is a free agent. He's not under contract with any team, and thus will not be at the media day. He has until October 1 to decide on whether or not he will take the qualifying offer or come to some longterm agreement for the Cavs.

With Kevin Love, Timofey Mozgov, and Anderson Varejao coming off injuries, I'm guessing David Blatt and company will want Tristan back as soon as possible.

Speaking of injuries ...

Hopefully we can get a bit more clarity from Love, Mozgov, Varejao and Irving on their injuries and the recovery process. Will all be available on opening night? I'd guess that at least a couple won't be available for their first preseason game, which is October 7th at Xavier University in Cincinnati. All of these guys will be available to talk to the media. There'll be vague non-answers to many of the questions, but perhaps we will get something.

David Blatt

He's been pretty quiet this offseason. Here's hoping he's his usual confident self. I'd expect him to be a bit more media savvy this year, but he also might just not care. I thought he did some serious growing last year. This season, the day to day pressure should go down, but he may end up being the fall-guy if the Cavs don't win it all. That wouldn't be fair, necessarily, but as smart as he is, you'd have to guess he's aware of it.

New additions get a chance to speak

Sasha Kaun, Mo Williams and Richard Jefferson will be wearing Cavs uniforms! And talking about it! It should be pretty cool.

Let's hope we get some news on Tristan Thompson at some point. We will have you guys updated on all the fun as we go.