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Vote: What's your favorite LeBron James moment as a Cavalier?

We need your help!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports
It's finally September, which means we are one month closer to Cleveland Cavaliers basketball. In honor of there almost being basketball, we've decided to put together a list for LeBron James.

But first, we need to narrow down our list to eight from the current list we have. Here's how you, the Fear the Sword community, can help.

We'll give you a list of the top twenty LeBron performances, from which you'll vote upon (as many times as you want) for one week. Once the results are in, we'll release the top eight LeBron games as you decided by you and release the result in a four-part series. We'll also release another poll and have you vote again to decide what LeBron's best performance as a Cavalier is once and for all.

So get your voting hats on and vote here! And feel free to discuss your votes and favorite LeBron games in the comments below.