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NBA scraps advantage for division winners, playoff seeds now based on regular season records

It's the end of an era

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA announced on Tuesday night that they will do away with the system of seeding that gave an advantage to teams that won their division, regardless of total wins and losses.

Previously, you were guaranteed a top four seed if you won your division. People have been questioning this for some time, but it was one of the only ways that being in a division at all mattered. You play the teams in your own division more than other NBA teams, and that will persist for at least one more year. People got in a few jokes at the expense of the NBA's Atlantic Division:

For the Cavs, you hope this doesn't really have any impact at all. Many expect the Cavs to push for 60 wins and the top overall seed in the East. The t-shirts celebrating an Central title are fun, but I think we all want a title that means a little bit more.