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2016-17 news and analysis

Podcast: The summer of George

The Chase Down discusses all things free agency.

2017 Cleveland Cavaliers free agency primer

Get ready for an important Cavs offseason with this FAQ.

As the rest of the NBA makes moves, the Cavaliers remain stagnant

Several teams have upgraded their rosters over the past week in hopes of one day competing with Golden State. However, the Cavaliers have been silent.

LeBron could leave the Cavs again, and that’s okay

Regardless of whether the murmurs about LeBron James leaving are true, Cleveland will be okay.

Cavs Off-Season Podcast with guest Spencer Davies

Spencer Davies of Basketball Insiders talks Chauncey Billups, Cavs Trade Rumors, Free Agency and much more

2016-2017 player reviews: Kyrie Irving

The Cavaliers point guard is still on the path to stardom.

Cavaliers player review: Iman Shumpert

Taking a look back at Shumpert’s third season in Cleveland

2016-17 Player Review: Kay Felder

Felder’s rookie season showed promise, but questions still remain.

5 players for the Cavaliers to consider in the 2017 NBA Draft class

The Cleveland Cavaliers don’t have a pick in this year’s draft, but if they get involved, here are some players to consider.

Griffin left proposals for a blockbuster trade

Before leaving, David Griffin left behind trade proposals for Jimmy Butler and Paul George.

Trade talks have slowed for Cavaliers

The team has ran into obstacles in it’s pursuit of Jimmy Butler and Paul George.

Podcast: The Cavaliers get weird again

The Chase Down reacts to the departure of David Griffin.

Dan Gilbert to meet with Chauncey Billups

The Cavs may have their man in Billups.

LeBron speaks out about David Griffin

The Cavs star weighs in on the front office shift.

Cavs working to acquire Jimmy Butler

Could the Bulls star wing be heading to Cleveland?

2016-17 Cavaliers Reviews: James Jones

James Jones isn’t just a luxury for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kyrie Irving holds the key to the Cavaliers’ future

If the Cavaliers want to take down the Warriors, it has to start with Kyrie Irving’s progression

Durant: Kyrie Irving is better than Iverson

After playing against Irving in the Finals, Durant had praise for the Cavs point guard.

Where LeBron James could go

Speculation is building about where LeBron James may end up if he leaves.

Lue on Warriors: “I don’t see a big gap”

Despite losing to the Warriors in 5 games, Tyronn Lue doesn’t see a large gap between them and the Cavs.

Podcast: The end is here

The Chase Down wraps up the 2017 NBA Finals.

The physical nature of Game 4 played to the Cavs’ advantage

Despite what may have seemed like road-bias officiating, actually allowed the Cavs to play a more physical game against the Warriors

Tristan Thompson was back to his normal self in Game 4

The Cavs got the hustle and energy they needed from Thompson to keep their season alive.

LeBron on superteams: “Is it fair? I don’t care”

LeBron James says he would do the same thing if he was in the Warriors position.

LeBron and Kyrie gave the Cavs everything in Game 3, and it didn’t matter

What won the Cavs the Finals last year isn’t enough against these Warriors.

3 things we learned from Cavs-Warriors Game 3

The Cavaliers had Game 3 won and the series was looking up, but Kevin Durant had other plans as the Warriors steal a road win to go up 3-0 in the series.

One play that explains the Cavs’ Game 3 loss

KD ended the Cavs.

J.R. Smith denies tweeting “Cavs in 7”

Smith claims he was hacked, but likes the idea.

LeBron says he isn’t wearing down

LeBron lets the stats talk for him.

Podcast: Cavs facing adversity once again

Down 0-2 to the Warriors, The Chase Down discusses the aftermath of losing Game 2.

One play that explains the Cavs’ Game 2 loss

Kevin Durant has wreaked havoc in the first two games of the Finals.

On Love showing up, and the Cavs still needing more

Game 1 was Love’s best game against the Warriors, but he needs to be better.


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