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2016 Cavs Rank

#CavsRank: LeBron James is No. 1

The best player on the planet is a Cleveland Cavalier.

#CavsRank: J.R. Smith comes in at No. 5

If and when he re-signs, ‘Swish’ will play a major role for the Cavs.

#CavsRank: Iman Shumpert comes in at No. 6

Is the idea of Iman Shumpert better than the reality?

#CavsRank: Channing Frye comes in at No. 7

Last seasons crucial addition comes in at No. 7 in our rankings

#CavsRank: Richard Jefferson comes in at No. 8

Richard Jefferson edged out Mike Dunleavy for eighth in our #CavsRank. But his on-court presence isn’t the primary reason why.

#CavsRank: Mike Dunleavy rocks the No. 9 Spot

Mike Dunleavy lands at No. 9 in #CavsRank. Can he live up to the billing?

#CavsRank: Mo Williams at No. 10

The veteran point guard slots in a bit higher than some would expect.

#CavsRank: Chris Andersen lands at No. 11

Chris Andersen joins one of the oldest benches in the NBA this season for a reunion with LeBron James.

#CavsRank: Jordan McRae ranks 12th

Jordan McRae finished low in #CavsRank, but could he end up being more valuable?

#CavsRank begins with James Jones, who we ranked 14th

James Jones was voted the least important member of the Cavs heading into 2016-17, but he still has a role to play.

Announcing #CavsRank

This year at Fear the Sword, we’ll be ranking each member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.