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Cleveland Cavaliers at Philadelphia 76ers: Game preview, start time and television information

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The Cleveland Cavaliers look to extend their winning streak to seven games as they take on the lowly Philadelphia 76ers. This will be the fourth and final meeting between these two teams as the Cavs look to sweep the season series. It's also the final game before the schedule gets fairly difficult for the remainder of January. After this game the Cavs will take on the Mavericks, Spurs twice, Rockets, Warriors, Clippers and Bulls in the next three weeks. So while it's easy to overlook this game, it's the final tuneup before the Cavs face some quality mid-season tests.

Who? Cleveland Cavaliers (25-9) at Philadelphia 76ers (4-35)

When? 6:00 pm

Where? Philadelphia ,Pennsylvania

Where on my eyeballs? Fox Sports Ohio, NBA League Pass

Enemy Blog: Liberty Ballers


Not much has changed with the Sixers since the last time these teams played. Elton Brand was brought in for emotional support veteran leadership and Ish Smith is currently playing out of his mind. The young point guard is trying to earn a spot in the league and has simply been lighting teams up as of late. That being said, these developments aren't exactly the type this team needs to be competitive and actually start winning games. At least not this season.

The Cavs shouldn't really have much trouble with the Sixers. The Sixers are on the second night of a back to back and still have minimal interest in winning this season while the Cavaliers are starting to find their stride with Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert back in the rotation full time. So with the game mostly being academic, let's look at a few things that might be of interest for Cavs fans:

  • The race to 120. The Cavs are riding a streak of three games of scoring at least 120 points. Philly can be capable of playing good defense at times, so it'll be interesting to see if the Cavs can keep their streak alive.
  • Can Timofey Mozgov build some confidence? Even with how well Tristan Thompson has played, Mozgov is still a very important piece of this team moving forward. While the knee does seem to bother him at times, a lot of his mistakes appear to come from being in a funk and having a lack of confidence. If Mozgov can have a solid outing, maybe he can translate that into some positive momentum for the team's West coast trip.
  • Does Kyrie go off? Friday's game in Minnesota featured both Irving and James in what I would call "chill mode". The two were able to get what they wanted when they decided to attack, but they largely differed to their hot teammates with little regard for their own numbers. That's the type of chemistry and trust in one another that can go a long way, but for the remainder of the regular season the possibility that Irving goes off and does some of the special things that only he can do is a constant reason to tune in.
  • Will J.R. miss? J.R. Smith has been lights out since Irving returned and at this point it's appointment television.
  • You can watch this game instead of football. I promise you that nobody is going to attempt to take off someone's head or give them brain damage. The game will be won by execution, not penalties bailing a team out. Crappy regular season basketball over football.