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Joe Harris traded to Orlando Magic to free up roster spot, save money

Joe Harris is moved to Orlando

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

When the Cavs made it official with Jared Cunningham that he would be sticking around for the year, it seemed as though the team had given up a bit of flexibility. With fellow shooting guard Joe Harris out for an extended amount of time, it wasn't clear that he could be traded, and the Cavs were out of roster spots. Given the team's precarious position paying out a huge luxury tax bill, it seemed as though this Cavs team might be locked in barring a larger trade.

Well, apparently Joe Harris was eligible to be traded.

This is a smart move for the Cavs financially, and probably won't have a huge effect on the team on the court. They now have an open roster spot should a buyout candidate emerge they are interested in. They can also sign players to 10 day contracts from the developmental league or elsewhere. And while it's a bummer that it didn't work out with Joe Harris in Cleveland, maybe he can find a role with a Magic team desperate for shooting.

Coming into the season, Cavs general manager David Griffin indicated that Joe Harris could be primed for a big season off the bench. After a rough preseason, that didn't happen. Here's hoping he can bounce back elsewhere.

From the Cavs, terms of the deal:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have acquired the Portland Trail Blazers’ protected 2020 second round pick from the Orlando Magic in exchange for guard Joe Harris, the Sacramento Kings’ 2017 protected second round pick, owned by the Cavaliers, and cash, Cavaliers General Manager David Griffin announced today. The Cavs roster now stands at 14.