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Jason Terry had no idea who Sasha Kaun was

Jason Terry had to check Sasha Kaun's jersey to see who he was guarding.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Llast night in the Cavs' 91-77 win over the Rockets, little-used center Sasha Kaun saw action for just the ninth time all season. The Cavs were well ahead when Kaun took the floor, but the Rockets still had rotation players on the flor.

One player was guard Jason Terry, who was guarding Kaun as the Cavs looked to inbound the ball.

Terry, though, didn't know who Kaun was had to check the back of his jersey to see who he was guarding. Seriously. Via Ananth Panadin of CBS Sports:

To be fair, I'm sure most Cavs fans have no idea who Kaun is either