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J.R. Smith ejected from game with Warriors after running through Harrison Barnes

This could not have gone worse

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Cavs are currently down 79-44 early in the third quarter at home to the Golden State Warriors, and will now finish the game without the services of guard J.R. Smith. Smith did not try and avoid a Harrison Barnes screen but instead ran right through Barnes in a hit worthy of an NFL game. Love the rule, hate the rule, it was a pretty clear Flagrant-2 foul as it's written. Given Smith's history with flagrant fouls, there wasn't going to be any leeway. After a short video review, the call was made.

Smith had actually been one of the more productive Cavs with 14 points on nine shots. They were coming mostly on isolation plays and not within the flow of the offense but hey, the Cavs can't be picky on a night like this. The Cavs will likely rely on Iman Shumpert and Matthew Dellavedova moving forward tonight. The game is not in doubt.