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Cavs address J.R. Smith being late to Warriors game

J.R. Smith had a rough night on Monday

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Media availability in the Cavs locker room was wrapping less than an hour before game time on Monday night before a big matchup with the Golden State Warriors when J.R. Smith walked in. Most Cavs players had been in the arena and working out and getting dressed for at least an hour before, but Smith was just arriving to the building. There's really no scenario where that's okay without being excused by the coach and team. When David Blatt was asked about it afterwards, he said he wasn't aware of it but that it would be a problem if it were true.

Today, the Cavs addressed it.

This is pretty disappointing from Smith, who played relatively well in Monday's game but then suffered a mental lapse and was ejected after a Flagrant-2 foul on Harrison Barnes early in the third quarter. The weather in Cleveland was rough on Monday afternoon, but it didn't stop any other Cavaliers from arriving on time. It seems as though Smith will still be starting tonight, so it's unclear if there was any discipline.