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Report: Cavaliers considered trading Kevin Love to Suns last season

This is a bit surprising

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For just about all of last season there were whispers that Kevin Love was not happy in Cleveland, and that he wanted out. Given his impending free agent status, the rumors were understandable. Love himself repeatedly denied this, always insisting he wanted to be in Cleveland. At one point he even said he planned on opting in to his contract and avoiding free agency for another year. That didn't happen, but he did quickly re-up on a max deal with the Cavs at the beginning of free agency.

So all those rumors about an unhappy marriage with the Cavs, Love, and LeBron James were just that, right? Just noise. Well, according to Ethan Skolnick of the Miami Herald, and formerly of Bleacher Report, that's not exactly the case. Skolnick is about as good as it gets, and spent most of last season covering the Cavs. In a radio interview Thursday afternoon, he made the comment that the Cavs and Phoenix Suns were actually close to having a deal in place and agreed to that would send Love to the desert in return for a package involving Markieff Morris and Isaiah Thomas.

At the time, there would have been no assurance Love would have re-signed in Phoenix. According to Skolnick, it was something the Cavs gave consideration to and backed out of late in the discussions. Given the volume of Kevin Love discussions over the last few days, it's yet another entry into the Kevin Love Chronicles. We will see if there is a happy ending.