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LeBron James says he was 'surprised' David Blatt was fired

After the firing of former coach David Blatt, LeBron James commented on the situation at the team's shootaround this morning.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The firing of David Blatt yesterday afternoon created quite the whirlwind in the media, causing a countless numbers of people to express their opinions on the situation. Yet for as many people that chimed in on the situation, no one's voice was wanted to be heard more than LeBron James.

LeBron had a tumultuous relationship with Blatt in their year-and-a-half together as player and coach. Despite the drama that was built up at previous time for a relationship that didn't have a great chance of being successful, LeBron said during this morning's shoot around that he was "just as surprised and caught off guard just like everyone else" when he found out that Blatt was fired, even calling it "unfortunate" that it happened.

Although many feel that LeBron was the one that made the call on the firing, Cavs' general manager David Griffin clarified that it was Griffin's call and didn't consult any of the players in the decision. In response to those comments, LeBron agreed with what Griffin had to say:

"I think he was right in everything that he said. Obviously he sees (what's going on) from the outside and from the inside looking in -- I mean, he's around us everyday. He felt like as good as we can be, we weren't reaching our potential to this point, so he made the change that he felt like was appropriate to this team. Like it or love it or hate it, whatever, you gotta respect it."

LeBron also addressed the issue of the team and their mentality at this point, as well as moving forward.

"We're a team that gets fragile at times, and we're still learning each other. I continue to harp on that. We're a team that's very inexperienced in growth and togetherness. We haven't experienced much together, so sometimes a little hardship happens. Guys don't know how to figure it out together. So hopefully we can kind of right the ship and be better for one another before we even talk about the game."

LeBron was also asked about new head coach Tyronn Lue:

"Very detailed. That helps. Also played in the league in 11 years and championships -- multiple championships, so there's nothing he hasn't seen. He's played with Phil Jackson and his coached with Doc (Rivers). He's been all over and he has experience. (The team) puts our trust in him now. (The team) is going to give him everything he needs and we're gonna follow his lead."

Although LeBron seems to be saying all of the right things off the court, it will be what happens on the court that will decide if this move is the right or the wrong one going forward.