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Matthew Dellavedova has his own coffee blend

Cavs guard Matthw Dellavedova has his own blend of coffee made by Cleveland Coffee Co.

Cleveland Coffee Company

Last year during the NBA Finals, Cavs guard Matthew Dellavedova suffered from dehydration and had to go to the hospital after playing XX minutes in Game 3 vs. the Warriors. In an effort to avoid future dehydration, Dellavedova cut out his pregame cup of coffee.

Now, as the Cavs celebrate Australia Day, Cleveland Coffee Co. - a small batch roaster located in Cleveland - created 'G'Day Mate' with the help of Dellavedova. The roast - a mix of Peruvian and Sumatra Coffees - will be available through June. 'G'Day Mate' costs $13.50 a pound and 10 percent of the profits will be donated to the All Faith Pantry, a non-profit based in Cleveland.

Here's a look at the bag via Cleveland Coffee Company:

H/T CBS Sports