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Tyronn Lue wants Cavaliers to learn to play together

Less #brands, more wins.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports's Joe Vardon tweeted out this article this morning and caused a little bit of a stir, with his implication being that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are more concerned with their personal success than they are with the Cavaliers' success as a team:

However, when you read Tyronn Lue's quotes in the article, that's not quite exactly what he's saying.

"With our young stars, with Kyrie and Kevin, they're young, so it's still about their brand and different things, it's just way different," Lue said, per Vardon.

"I talked to our team about, 'If you win, everybody's brand is better. If you win as a unit, everybody gets credit for it.' Just trying to keep instilling that in our guys because, you know, we still have a young group of guys. Just gotta keep instilling that message. If we win, everybody's taken care of, so that's the message."

Lue is basically saying that the team still needs to learn to play with each other, which is evident to just about anybody who watches them.

Justin will take it from here: