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Cavaliers vs. Raptors gamethread

It's an Eastern Conference Finals rematch in the preseason.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers tonight continue their preseason and expect it to be another ho-hum affair. Yes, Tristan Thompson is back and will play. And yes, it's a rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals.

But LeBron James isn't going to play - and why would he? - and this current Cavs team really isn't locked in on basketball just yet. Even in games where they play well, Cleveland is just not really going 100 percent.

For the record, that's fine. This team and this season really isn't serious until the players get closer. Right now is about seeing if Jordan McRae, Kay Felder and others can play; LeBron's role is really to chill on the sidelines until the Cavs head to Columbus next week for a peseason game LeBron is expected to play in.

But hey, this is basketball and Cavs basketball is great. And at the very least, seeing how McRae and Felder play isn't the worst way to spend a Thursday evening.