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The Cavs are ready to talk about trading Iman Shumpert

Could Shump be on the move?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

After a quiet summer, it appears as though the Cleveland Cavaliers are open to shaking up their roster. Yesterday there was the news that the Cavaliers were in advanced talks to acquire a back-up point guard; today we hear that teams have been calling about Iman Shumpert, and according to Zach Lowe, the Cavs are ready to discuss a deal.

I recommend you read the whole column, as it was very well done, but the following is the excerpt pertaining to Shumpert:

Keep an eye on Iman Shumpert. Several teams, including Minnesota, have inquired about his availability in the past few weeks and gotten the impression Cleveland is ready to talk, according to several league sources. The Cavs won't salary-dump Shump for nothing, but given their tax situation, cutting payroll by a few million promises exponential savings.

The Wolves are clearly in win now mode under Tom Thibodeau and are looking to swap Andrew Wiggins for Iman Shumpert.

It's unclear what Minnesota could be offering for Shumpert, or if this is a continuation of the conversations the Cavaliers have had for a back-up point guard. Tyus Jones, who the Cavs actually drafted and then traded to the Wolves during the 2015 Draft, is a possible piece of the puzzle if the two stories are connected. However, the Wolves would need to package more than just him to pry away Shumpert.

J.R. Smith was intended to be the tax for acquiring Shumpert, who the Cavs viewed as their starting shooting guard of the future. With Smith looking like the permanent fixture in this role, it makes sense that the Cavs would at least listen to offers on Shumpert.