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Cavs are looking to package Mo Williams and Jordan McRae in a trade

If the Cavs make a deal, it may involve Mo Williams and Jordan McRae.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Forgive me if you've heard this already in the last two days, but the Cleveland Cavaliers are very active at the moment in the trade market.

This time the center of attention has been disgruntled, sometimes retired, point guard Mo Williams. The Cavs and Williams are at an impasse as the season approaches, and according to Brian Windhorst the team is trying to trade Williams to gain cap relief and get a roster spot.

From his report:

Needing both a roster spot and a backup point guard, the Cavs are in a squeeze as the regular season opener looms. They are looking to attach guard Jordan McRae to Williams in trades, sources said. The team openly showcased McRae during the preseason and he led the team in scoring at 14 points a game.

This is the second confirmation we've received that the Cavaliers are looking to acquire a backup point guard and are using Jordan McRae as the bait.

To this point there haven't been any point guards named. But the fact that these discussions appear to be separate from the discussions between the Cavs and Timberwolves for Iman Shumpert, seem to suggest a point guard trade would occur with another team.