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Watch: The Cavs’ new intro video features DMX, Finals highlights

It features DMX and it’s super fun.

Kevin Love is one of the main stars of the Cavs’ new intro video.

At Saturday’s game against the Magic, the Cavs debuted a new intro video for the 2016-17. It features the DMX song ‘Gon’ Give it to ya’, so it’s predictably fire.

It also features several clips from the Cavs’ NBA Finals win. Those clips include LeBron James’ chase-down block of Andre Iguodala, Kyrie Irving’s game winning three and Kevin Love’s stop of Stephen Curry. Plus, it’s wrapped up by Mike Green’s call from Game 7 set to an animated construction of the Larry O’Brien trophy.

In person, this video played really well. The crowd got into the DMX, cheered loudly every time one of the Finals highlights played and seemed to get everyone properly excited for the game.

Last year’s video featured the song ‘Undeniable’ set to a number of Cavs highlights from the 2014-15 playoff run. There was also an open that debuted in March featuring the Wiz Khalifa song ‘We own it’ that replaced the first intro.

As always, the Cavs brought it with this video. Check it out below: