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Kyrie Irving will miss first preseason game with Orlando Magic

Irving is fine, but the Cavs won’t rush him

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The Cavs get started with almost-real basketball tomorrow night. LeBron James will play. Kyrie Irving will not. It was a crazy summer for the Cavs point guard, with both an NBA title and a Gold medal. He might not be in tip-top shape for the start of camp, which is more than understandable. He’ll be working his way into game shape and perhaps be on a different timeline than some of his teammates. One way in which we might be seeing that?

One one hand, it’s kind of hilarious that you would need to give someone a rest before a single game has been played. On the other, there is just no reason to rush a player into things after a not-so-relaxing offseason. It’s a bummer for Cavs fans with tickets, but the Cavs need Kyrie in April and beyond. October, not so much.