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Watch: Kyrie Irving rebounds own miss, gets the friendly bounce

It’s two points in a 21 point first half.

Kyrie Irving is balling out against the Houston Rockets. At the half, he already has 21 points - 15 of which came in the second quarter - as the Cavs lead the Houston Rockets by four.

One of the highlights of Irving’s night came when he missed his own shot, grabbed the rebound and then finished again with the help of a friendly bounce:

This season, Irving is really playing a much higher level than he did in the regular season last year. Aside from tonight, he’s really leading the Cavs’ offense and taking a lot of the pressure off LeBron James. Against the Knicks, he had a 19 point third quarter - so he’s really been strong every game so far.

When he’s playing like this, it’s clear that Irving belongs in the conversation of the league’s elite scorers. Just look at how smooth this three to end the half is:

Maybe LeBron James was right to say that Kyrie has ‘no weaknesses’.