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Fear the Sword t-shirts celebrating the champion Cavs 20% off this weekend

Miss out on one this summer? Get them on sale this weekend

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When the Cavs won the NBA championship this summer, we here at Fear the Sword wanted to be able to offer a high-quality, long-lasting t-shirt option that would help all of us celebrate. I wear mine at least once a week, so while I’m biased in a number of ways, I’m really happy about how it turned out.

Starting today, this shirt will be on sale throughout the weekend at 20% off. The shirts normally run for $24 plus shipping, but I think the consensus has been that the quality of the shirt makes it worth it.

Just go to the BreakingT website right here to get yours today. We’ve already sold over 500 of these, which is really fun. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.