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Look: Cavs debut new court design

Cleveland’s new court, with some tweaks, is finally here.

Earlier before the start of the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers debuted a new court, but then walked it back after fan reaction with negative. As a result, the team went the first few games with last year’s court.

Ahead of tonight’s game against the Celtics, though, the new court is finally in. Here’s a photo of it from Cavs owner Dan Gibert. Note that the championship stickers o the court are photoshopped on, as they are not yet on the actual court:

The change from the design the Cavs previously rolled is the return of the Cleveland skyline. This year’s original design featured a sword - a la the Cavs logo - through the center ‘C’ logo in addition to the black accent replacing last year’s navy blue border.

In person, the court looks cool. The black pops and it’s a fun homage to the black, sleeved jersey the team wore while winning the title. It’ll look better, though, when the championship logos are added.