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Fear the Newsletter: Is the Cavs' depth an issue?

Your daily dose of Cavs news is here.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone and welcome to today's 'Fear the Newsletter', where we start off Monday with a dose of Cavs news..

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Sorry we were away for a bit, ya'll. Tech issues hindered us, but we're back! And we'll try not to go anywhere again.

Anyway, the Cavs are set to play the Bucks the next two nights, marking the second week in a row they've played the same team two night in a row.

This time around, they won't have Kevin Love due to a knee injury. And with Chris Andersen also done - in his case, it's for the year - FTS' Carter Rodriguez wonders if it's time to worry about the Cavs' depth.

Today's Locked on Cavaliers talks about that idea a bit while also looking at the Cavs' next two games, Delly's return to Cleveland and more. Look for it on iTunes, Audioboom or wherever you find podcasts.

What to read/watch today:

That's it for today - we'll be back tomorrow prior to Delly's return to #TheLand and his halftime ring ceremony.