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Fear the Newsletter: Cavs-Warriors lived up to the hype

Can we get seven of those in June, please?

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone and welcome to today's 'Fear the Newsletter', where we have a lot to cover.

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So, yesterday's game was pretty great, right?

In really every way, Cavs-Warriors lived up to the hype. It had Kevin Durant and LeBron James dueling. It had emotional Draymond Green moments early and often. It had Kyrie Irving hitting *another* late game winner against the Warriors. It had Kevin Love playing really, really well. It had Richard Jefferson dunking on people twice and picking up a tech for winking.

Can we get seven of these in June, please? I feel confident in saying that there isn't another matchup that will be nearly as good as this one. Like, could you imagine hoping for this matchup and getting Raptors-Clippers or something?

Of course, it's hard to take away a ton from a regular season game and apply it directly to a possible Finals rematch. But this was about good as basketball can get.

So, seriously, seven in June.

What to read today:

We'll be back tomorrow after the Cavs apparently play another game today. Happy Boxing Day!