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Kay Felder is going to the Canton Charge

The Cavs announce the rookie point guard will play in Canton

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Rookie point guard Kay Felder will be assigned to the Canton Charge, the Cavaliers announced on Wednesday afternoon. The 2nd round draft choice has had a sparing role with the Cavs so far this season, so many wondered if this day would come. The Cavs have been aggressive in their use of the Developmental League over the years, so this move doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Felder will be active for the Charge’s 7:00 pm game tonight.

Felder has seen action in 14 games for the Cavs this year. He has NBA level athleticism and a great first step off the bounce, but his diminutive height has been an issue. It’s certainly possible he adjusts his game to this level, and perhaps time with the Charge getting consistent minutes will help in that evolution. Given the Charge’s proximity to Cleveland, it’s entirely possible that Felder will be back with the Cavs for tomorrow night’s game with the Boston Celtics.