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Fear The Newsletter: The Cavs’ losing streak is over

That and more in today’s newsletter.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone and welcome to today's 'Fear the Newsletter', where the Cavs no longer have lost three straight.

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So, the Cavs no longer have lost three straight after beating the Raptors last night. It wasn't a blowout - although the Cavs' lead did hit double-digits on a few occasions - but it was the type of win this Cavs team needed. Read our recap of the game here.

In not so great news, J.R. Smith hurt his knee during the first quarter and didn't return. The x-rays he had at the arena were negative, but we don't know exactly what the extent of his injury is. Stay tuned.

In non-game news, LeBron and some unnamed teammates will not be staying at the Trump hotel this week when the Cavs head to New York. It'll be interesting to see if he comments on his further before or after Wednesday's game.

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That's it for today - we'll be back tomorrow to get ready for Cavs-Knicks.