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ESPN poll puts LeBron James as third best NBA player of all time

I'm sure this won't be controversial at all

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I don't get upset about All-Star games, arbitrary awards, rankings, any of it. Everyone has their own standards and a lot of it is ridiculous but at the end of the day it's just not worth it. If you don't think a player I barely know or don't know is as good as I do, that's okay. Maybe I'll silently judge you. I probably won't. It just isn't consequential.

I think Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time. I think Magic Johnson is the second best. If pressed, I'd put LeBron James third. In a ranking out by ESPN, James is ranked just where I'd have him.

Kobe fans, and perhaps some others, will be very upset by this I'd guess. James has *only* won two championships. He has four MVP's and should probably have at least one other from his first season in Miami. He's insanely good and he's not done yet. Maybe this helps us realize how lucky we are that he plays for our favorite team. Maybe we don't like the idea that he spoils us with his play. 

Either way, he's insanely good, and his teams tend to be very good. With another title or two, James will be in the conversation with Jordan. We will see.