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Fear the Podcast: NBA trade deadline edition

Talking about the Cavs' trade prospects ahead of the NBA trade deadline.

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After a short break, the Fear the Sword podcast is back. I apologize that we were unable to record last week, but I was away on a family trip and was not in a recording mood, nor did I have my recording stuff with me.

I also apologize if my voice comes in a little louder than usual, I've edited it to make it not as back. But my mic picked up a radiator in the background and everything got thrown a little out of wack.

Anyways, William Bohl, Jack Zink and myself recorded Tuesday night to discuss the impact of Tyronn Lue as well as some potential trades for the Cleveland Cavaliers. We discuss what assets the Cavs have, players we think should be targeted as well as take shots at each other over the proposals we come up with.

As always you can subscribe to the podcast on Soundcloud as well as iTunes.