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Cavs have highest local tv ratings in the NBA, up 36% on the year

The Cavs are interesting, that's for sure

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

There's always something with the Cavs. They win a lot of games, there is the never ending speculation of how Kevin Love is being used. There has been a coaching change. Kyrie Irving has worked his way back. LeBron James has been LeBron James. All of this is to the delight of Fox Sports Ohio, which is basking in the glow of the best local television ratings in the entire NBA. Bigger markets may have a greater number of total viewers, but the Cavs have their own market covered.


In Cleveland, meanwhile, the second season of LeBron James’ return to the Cavaliers is continuing to pay off for FS Ohio. Cavs games are averaging a league-best 9.44 rating at midseason, up 36 percent from last year. The San Antonio Spurs rank second leaguewide, averaging an 8.74 rating for their games on FS Southwest.

This is pretty cool. The Cavs have great fans, and it's been an entertaining product for Fox Sports Ohio to put together. Allie Clifton in particular seems destined for great things. Austin Carr has the catch phrases and Fred McLeod works as hard as anyone else. Seems likely that the Cavs will continue to be must-watch for a few more years.