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NBA All-Star game: Start time, tv info, and Cavs preview

Tyronn Lue and LeBron James lead the East in Toronto

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA All-Star game takes place Sunday night in Toronto at 8 pm ET. LeBron James will lead the East vs. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook's West side, in what is usually an entertaining night. The Cavs won't be represented by Kyrie Irving, who just missed out on a starting spot due to the prime minister of Canada and other high-profile Canadians organizing for Kyle Lowry. Irving has played just 26 games, so it makes some sense that he won't be there.

Kevin Love will also be at home despite staying healthy for a Cavs team that is 38-14 and on top of the East. It seems as though top team's usually do have players who get in because their stats might not reflect how valuable they are, but people don't seem interested in doing that work for Love. Hard to see why, really.

Perhaps much of the drama tonight will revolve around who will be the MVP. LeBron James seems like a decent bet. Russell Westbrook won last season. Perhaps Steph Curry will make a show out of the event. And then there is Kobe Bryant, participating one last time. Perhaps he can pull it off.

Catch all the action on TNT.