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Tobias Harris trade creates oppportunity for Cavs to acquire Channing Frye

The Cavs could now have a chance to acquire Channing Frye from Orlando now that he's reportedly available.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The recent trade of Tobias Harris from the Orlando Magic to the Detroit Pistons at first glance may seem like an issue for the Cavaliers. The Pistons starting rotation is vastly improved and Harris is the exact type of player that can thrive in Stan Van Gundy's system. If Van Gundy can coax Harris into playing better defense the Pistons starting five will be very formidable heading into the Eastern Conference playoffs. However, the trade may also have created an opportunity for David Griffin to improve the Cleveland Cavaliers.

ESPN's Marc Stein has reported that the Magic are looking to move Channing Frye prior to Thursdays deadline:

Acquiring Frye would be a coup for the Cavs. Timofey Mozgov's poor season and impending free agency make Frye an ideal target for the Cavs front office. Frye has two years remaining on his contract after this year at a modest 8 million dollars per season. Frye is a good pick and roll player and would also give the Cavaliers spacing that neither Tristan nor Mozgov can provide. Frye fits into the player trade exception created by Brendan Haywood and if Harris' price tag is used as an indicator can be had for cheap. If I were David Griffin I would offer the TPE and a future second round pick for Frye.

The Cavaliers have a need for another big man and the Magic have a desire to trade away Frye. It's a match made in heaven. Lets call the Adam Silver and finalize the deal.