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NBA trade rumors: Cavs offered Anderson Varejao to Magic for Channing Frye

The Channing Frye rumor gets more substance

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

If a report from ESPN's Marc Stein is to be believed (and it probably should), there is a bit of substance to the rumors from last night that the Cavs are interested in Channing Frye. And the Cavs offer would include Anderson Varejao, a favorite of both many Cavs fans and LeBron James. The Magic have been active already in the trade deadline season, moving Tobias Harris for Ersan Ilyasova and Brandon Jennings on Tuesday night. It seems they've been in contact with the Cavaliers as well.

I think this would be a good deal for the Cavs? Varejao has been effective in limited stretches for the Cavs, but doesn't quite stretch the floor like Frye does. Frye is also a bit more of a natural rim protector. It's not exactly clear why the Magic would do this deal, and this could be leaked by the Magic to try and get the Clippers to up their offer, or foster some sort of bidding war. With the Cavs also negotiating, perhaps, for Ryan Anderson, things are getting interesting.