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NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs aren't expected to deal Love, Shumpert or Varejao

The Cavs reportedly willing to deal Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert or Anderson Varejao ahead of today's deadline.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers may make a deal before today's 3 p.m. deadline. If they do, however, don't expect any deal to include names that have already been linked to trades.

According to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal, Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert and Anderson Varejao are all expected to remain Cavaliers after Thursday's deadline. At one point or another, all three have been linked to other teams.

Most recently, Love's name hasn't been linked to any specific deal, but in the past, there was been a lot of speculation about his future in Cleveland. The Cavs also are reportedly only willing to deal Love if they receive a star in return.

Shumpert's case is a bit more complicated. Both Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee and ESPN's Marc Stein have both reported that the Cavs have made Shumpert available in trade talks. Jones, in fact, reported that if the Kings want him, they can get him.

As for Varejao, his name has come up in rumored trade talks between the Cavs and Orlando Magic. The talks are centered around Channing Frye, who is also being pursued by the Clippers.

In all likelihood, the Cavs will probably keep all three. Love is an integral piece and Shumpert is a key role player the Cavs would have a hard time replacing. Varejao is the most expendable of the three, but he's probably not capable of playing a consistent role at this point in his career and would be dead weight on another team. He's also due almost $10 million next year as a part of a three-year extension he signed with the Cavs, although it's possible whatever team hypothetically acquires him could buy him out.

Still, it wouldn't be the most shocking thing if the Cavs were to make a deal today. Even if it costs players the Cavs want to keep, it might be a price they have to pay if they want to make a deal they think will improve their championship odds.